A Dedicated Team. A Specialized Focus.
Dedicated Professional Wealth Management Focusing on Income and Capital Preservation.

Unlike other advisors who simply generalize, we work exclusively in the fixed income markets, giving investors a dedicated advisory team. If you’re an investor who seeks high-quality expertise on income and capital preservation, we offer:

Intellectual Capital:

  • A complete and thorough analysis of the situation helps us define a strategy, identify appropriate securities, monitor credit risk and utilize efficient market execution to help achieve consistent results.
  • Our value-oriented approach is based on underpriced and undervalued securities, not on interest rate “bets.”
  • We identify market inefficiencies for both strategic and tactical investing.

Portfolio Management:

  • Our portfolio solutions focus on high-quality income and capital preservation.
  • Both yield curve analysis and income objectives help us determine the optimal portfolio structure.
  • We strive to minimize various risk types to preserve capital.

Portfolio Structures:

  • Laddered portolios including front-weighted and rear-weighted,
  • Barbell portfolios,
  • Bell curve ladders,
  • Duration targeting, and
  • Strategic and tactical planning.


  • Tax-exempt municipal bonds,*
  • U.S. corporate bonds,
  • Inflation-linked bonds,
  • U.S. government and U.S. agency bonds,
  • Closed-end funds – taxable and tax-exempt, and
  • Select mutual funds.

* Municipal bond interest is not subject to federal income tax, but may be subject to state, AMT or local taxes.

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